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I woke up around 3 am today because of rain, thunder and lighting. The skies were angry and it lasted a while, the sound of the thunder lulled me back to sleep. When I woke up most of the smoke that had been clouding Portland for over a week was gone. Today I also felt like fall has arrived. Summer is over. Summer of 2020 was a strange summer in a strange new reality.
Today Ruth Bader Ginsburg, actually Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed at 87 years old. Quite a human. There is a ton of interesting and good stuff to read about her online so I won't say much because everybody can read for themselves. All I can say is that most people are not like Ruth. She did a lot of good. So Thank You Ruth!

The political climate is getting tenser here as we are approaching another presidential election. Less than two months away now. I seriously do not know what to believe anymore when I listen, watch or hear news, whether I gather the information from the radio, something I watch online or an article I read. Both sides of the spectrum are guilty of lies and exaggeration and I have witnessed people spread false information when I think they should known better. It is actually quite unnerving. As far as true journalism goes there are ethics, standards and values in the field of journalism. Seems like most of that is being overlooked.
Nobody has missed that Trump and Biden aren't the only two in the presidential race right? We have Jo Jorgensen and Howie Hawkins as well. Sorry to inform you all but Tati is not participating in the presidential election this time around. Perhaps Tati 2024?
Well enough of politics for now. Before I go, because I am getting tired and will most likely be in bed before midnight, let's send a thought to all the innocent and beautiful animals that perished in the fires here in the West recently. I feel bad for them. In fact....the animals all over the world that suffer and die because of us humans. How sad.


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