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I don't know if the fires across Oregon, California and Washington have affected you but it is a SAD and SERIOUS situation here. People are dead, missing, homes are destroyed and animals are fleeing.
The air quality in Portland is deemed hazardous according to the air quality index and I guess I need a gas mask now. I am good, the smoke isn't bothering me. I do feel really bad for the people that are affected by this dire situation. And all the animals. Life is very cruel. What is the meaning of all of this?
WHY all the suffering all the time?

Outside looks like a hazy radioactive fog. The temperatures dropped because the sun is not coming through the thick clouds of smoke. I have not experienced anything like this before.

I had Pet Pack today, it's been about a year since I started. Last year September 8. A year went by fast.

My dinner. Eat less, or even better, eat NO meat and more vegetables!

One more thing....I went to the grocery store today (which was packed with people by the way....probably stocking up for the end of the world) and while in line for parking I noticed a still burning cigarette get flicked out the window of the car in front of me. I saw where that car parked, I parked my car. The dude that threw out his cigarette looked middle aged to me cause I saw him get out of his car. So old enough to know better. I learned as a child to not litter. I found his cigarette on the road, I stepped on it to make sure it wasn't burning anymore. He had left the windows rolled down so I dropped the cigarette on the driver's seat.
I HATE people that litter. Nasty, selfish pieces of shits. FUCK YOU. To all the "proud Americans" that like to loudly proclaim how proud they are to live in the USA but litter. You are all hypocrites! If you really were a proud American you would not trash the country you are so proud to be a citizen of.
Oregon is on fire and people throw out cigarettes? I know he most likely does it driving down the highway as well. Scumbag.


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