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It has been a hot week here in Portland. I volunteered today and it was fun as always but I had to seek shade, I don't like the sun burning me. I thought that I would go back to the area were the protests have been going on for 53 nights in a row tonight but I am way too tired and I have a meeting at 10 am. So no rioting for me tonight! I haven't been down there to watch it for I think almost two weeks.
If you have seen the picture by now of a naked woman, Naked Athena, facing the police, sorry to disappoint everybody but it wasn't me. Great idea though! I should had thought about that first. I wonder if more naked ladies will follow to line up to face the police? Or naked men? Perhaps it is a new trend on Instagram? I should probably go and check out the situation tomorrow night....I have been a bit lazy and I also don't want to get chased down, arrested or shot although I am "only" there as a observer but it kind of makes you guilty by association at this point cause things are getting pretty serious at night here in Portland.
Instead I am in bed enjoying some ice cream, this one is a favorite. Try it if you can get it where you live. And I am trying to decide on which foot massage machine to buy.....there are many and I want to pick the right one because I will stick my poor feet in it daily.


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