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AK to NV

Right now Tatiana is at Ted Stevens (the airport in Anchorage) waiting to board a plane to Las Vegas.
She is going to Vegas to get a pair of double D's and a butt implant and some other nip and tucks. So when she gets back to Anchorage in a month or might not recognize her at first! It's going to be a whole new Tatiana! She is excited, a new chapter is starting in her life. The Barbie chapter.
Seriously double D's, for now anyways........Tatiana needs to go to Vegas to take care of things. It will also be a nice break from Alaska for a while. AND Together As One for New Years in LA, of course. Tatiana missed out last year but not this one.
Chhaya is going too......this will be her first time flying.
The last couple of days have been very hectic, tons of things to do. Tatiana is looking forward to relaxing a bit. She already made plans to go shopping with Julia, while sipping on some iced vanilla lattes.
So next time you hear from your favorite girl Tatiana, she will be in Vegas.


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Santa on :

I have steel clad titanium splints in my femur and you sitting on my lap with butt implants might just cause, er, sparks. You are the very best good girl and the very best bad girl on my list! So please save your money for milk and cookies. I need you just the way you are.

Anonymous on :

Happy new year. I hope you are havning a good time in Vegas. Thanks you so much for the christmas gift!!!
xxx. / Ulliss

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