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Empty Streets

Got Q-tips the other day, actually managed to survive without any for a few weeks before I caved in and got some. 500 Q-tips, let's see if something new/different/a change happens in my life when this box gets empty. Something good I hope! These things tend to happen when a box of Q-tips gets low or completely empty, strange perhaps but try it and see for yourself!

Look how cute....a little library. I have only seen this in Oregon but I am sure these are scattered throughout other states as well. Works on the honor system.

On the daily evening walk....empty streets (also the title of one of my favorite songs).

Now to food. I just discovered something incredibly delicious recently, cabbage steaks. I am it's cheap and easy. Just cut cabbage into slices, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper, I also chop up garlic then put the cabbage in the oven.

I also make my own pizza, well kind of. I buy the dough in the store and then I add the tomato sauce, Roma tomatoes, cheese and oregano. Then put the pizza in the oven. Perfect and yummy. And cheap.

Strawberry rhubarb pie, one of my favorites!

If I can cook, anybody can cook. Trust me on that one. I am impatient cause when I am hungry I just want to eat so I don't want to spend too long on making something and it does not have to look pretty on the plate. What for? It is just going to end up in my stomach anyways, all that matters is that it tastes good.
But now it is time for another obsession.....Gran Hotel. I am almost done watching the whole thing. I haven't been this enthralled with a series since Breaking Bad.


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