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A Walk Through Portland

I decided to drive downtown the other day.....join me on a walk through Portland. Portland is a walking friendly town, although there are plenty of intense dudes on bikes to watch out for. I call them “Tour de France”, they seriously act like they are in a race. You can start on one side of the river and walk across one of the bridges to the other side, which I did. I started a bit after 7 and walked for about 1 1/2 hours. I love walking, looking at things and taking pictures along the way. Here are a few from the other evening....

And a pic of me....your amazingly skilled photographer, still using my Samsung S3 that I had for seven years this month now. Perhaps I should enter the Sony World Photography Awards or something similar? I surely have a strong chance at scoring a top prize, don't you think?

One of the things I entertain myself with when I sit up until 4 in the morning reading about all kinds of things online, in between coming up with blog entries, is to look at photography contests and the photos that are featured. There is some amazing photography out there, it is truly an art.


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