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It's almost 2 in the morning, I am sitting on the couch staring at my laptop and listening to the silence. Today was a MEH kind of day, I think maybe yesterday was too....I can't remember anymore. I had to force myself to do stuff today. Like force myself to brush my teeth, force myself to fold the laundry that has been hang drying for two days. I did go on a couple of looooong walks this week. I have a list of things that I should do. I mean I have all the time that I need to do them. But I feel like MEH. Right now at least, today.
In a bit I will force myself to brush my teeth again (better take care of the teeth, imagine getting tooth problems in the midst of this situation), wash my face and put on face cream. But first I will clean my couch up so it looks nice when I wake up and see it again in the morning. I decided that my task for this evening was to fix the couch and maybe write a blog entry. Looks like both tasks will get done so it's not too bad. I will also turn on the dish washer, I like hearing the hum of the dish washer when I lay in bed about to fall asleep. It is comforting.....
Been talking to friends here and in Sweden about COVID-19, the stay at home order and everything else. Perhaps I can come up with a blog about that before the week is over. It's already Thursday tomorrow (actually it already is), it feels like Monday was yesterday.....weird how time goes by sometimes. Well, I should probably go to bed. Goodnight.


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Nico on :

Sending love to you from here in Portland - Nico

Tatiana on :

Hi from Portland as well!

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