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It's almost 2 am Christmas Day here in Anchorage, Alaska. So Happy........Holidays, whatever and however you are celebrating........or not.
Tatiana has a tree, not a live one, some candles and a Swedish traditional angel chime. She ate lots, LOTS. Kind of disturbing how much, considering there are people that didn't eat at all today.
Now she is going to slowly wrap up the night and go to sleep. Thoughts racing from family and friends, people close to her heart, to life in general, things that have to get done, that she is feeling fat after all of the food ingested today, happy to be alive but sad for many of the things that go on in the world, wanting to go to a warm beach soon, wanting to do this or that, needing to do this or that. But for now, Tatiana is going to sleep. Tatiana thoroughly enjoys sleeping, soooooo nice!
So have a wonderful day and GOD JUL to all of you!


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Alvin on :

Marry Christmas!!! :-D

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