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It is 1 26 AM and I just finished crying a little while watching the end of Ivanhoe.
I grew up watching this movie, it is a tradition to show it in Sweden on New Year's Day. A tradition since 1988 (!). I have not watched this movie in many years since I haven't been in Sweden for a New Year's day in a long time. Instead my friend Marie that lives there sent it to me and that is why I went to the post office the other day, to pick it up.
I watched it tonight. If you've never watched this movie, do it (if you can get a hold of it), I highly recommend it. Well, I like it a lot at least. The story takes place in England in 1194.
"You're about to see a story of bold knights and beautiful maidens. A story of love and hatred and prejudice. Though our story is old, the love, the hatred and the prejudice are ever now."

"It was told by all that Ivanhoe and fair Rowena lived long and happily together. Yet one can't help but wonder if fond memories of Rebecca did not reoccur to Ivanhoe's mind until the very end of his days."
The Ivanhoe I grew up watching is the third version of the movie filmed in 1982. Previous versions came out in 1913 and 1952. I would like to watch the 1952 version as well, when Elizabeth Taylor played Rebecca. The Ivanhoe films are based on a novel with the same name written by Walter Scott.
And soon it is going to be 2 AM, I can hear a train sound it's horn somewhere out there in the dark. I won't be able to sleep for a while because I will be thinking about the love triangle between Ivanhoe, Rebecca and Lady Rowena. It is a sad story in many ways. But I can watch it over and over again.


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