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Tatiana saw "Avatar" tonight. She loved it!!! The story line is pro life, pro green as in save the planet and against war.
Tatiana wishes she had those sensors at the end of her hair too, she would intertwine herself with Chhaya. And Tatiana would rather live at the planet Pandora instead of this planet. She would much rather be connected to nature and the animals instead of spending time doing meaningless errands and writing checks for a mortgage that's not going anywhere good.
And the holy tree in the movie? Tatiana thinks those exist here among us, there are ways to get those memories and that wisdom for those of us in search of that, Iboga and Ayahuasca can be paths to that kind of information. Paths that Tatiana would like to explore and experience one day.
Go see Avatar! Or rent it when it comes out. But see it.


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