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Fun tonight

So a few days ago Tatiana lamented about how unusually lame it was at work all last week. Super lame ok?!
Well, then tonight (actually last night, it' early Tuesday morning now) Tatiana goes in to work, a Monday and it was fun and time flew by. Funny how one night can be so awful and the next great. It's not like Tatiana changes the way she looks drastically from one night to the next. It's pretty much the same look all the time, long hair and just Tatiana. Mean and bossy. You know, the usual.
What makes a night fun? When there are nice, interesting, cool people in there that happen to be there for the right reasons, the girls, not to sit glued to the same bottle of beer all night, looking like a deer caught in the headlights when getting approached by us.
If every night was like this last one Tatiana would gladly work 100 nights in a row. But then some nights are so mentally draining that Tatiana really needs a night off. Seriously, Tatiana feels like she has to deal with societies all crazies at times. With not enough compensation. By far.


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F trooper on :

Long hair and "just" Tatiana?
An attitude like that is liable to cause world peace or something.

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