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World Toilet Day

It's Sunday evening and as usual I am reading.....scrolled through and saw an article about sanitation workers in Mumbai India. Last Tuesday on November 19 it was World Toilet Day.
I HIGHLY recommend that you look at the article after reading this blog entry. Here it is.
Puts things in perspective doesn't it? SO MUCH suffering in the world, so much injustice. We are approaching 8 BILLION people that share this planet.
We share the planet together with animals and many animals suffer greatly due to us. We all need shelter, we all need food, some are not happy with what they have even when they have plenty and only want more more more. I think that the more people there are the higher disregard for life there will be. Everybody is replacable and easily forgotten, we are disposable. Another mass shooting and the next day we are on to something new, unless you personally knew one of the victims because then it becomes reality and not only a headline. Prayers and thoughts are just empty words, words are easily said.
I am SO grateful for what I have.....even when I usually don't pay much thought to being fortunate enough to have a working toilet and clean water coming out of the faucets with a simple twist.
I feel bad that there are so many people that have nothing when others have far more than they need.
World Toilet grateful for your toilet if you have one.


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