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This afternoon.....

.....while Tatiana was wrapping up the shopping, her friend Rose-Marie in Sweden called and asked if Tatiana heard the news. No, said Tatiana, no tv watching so far. Rose-Marie told her that Brittany Murphy died earlier today, to all of you that don't know who she was, she was an actress but she also sang on a supercool song, a collaboration with Paul Oakenfold, "Faster Kill Pussycat". Tatiana likes that song.
Brittany only made it to 32, she was a super cutie and super skinny (hmmmmm). It's kind of unusual to die that young, unless there is a pre existing condition or if you live in a poor, developing country where people don't live that long.
Tatianas verdict? Drugs. Or some kind of foul play. Hello, it's Hollywood. And all what that entails.
Tatiana thinks that drugs can be GREAT. She grew up thinking they were bad, so she stayed far away from them until she did her first E at Club Utopia in Vegas. It was great. And she does not regret any of the times she has done drugs. But it's more of an occasional thing. When it becomes part of every day life it becomes a problem. And in Tatianas opinion this includes prescription drugs too.
Tatiana rather be on E or shrooms once in a while than take some kind of a prescription pill every day.'s Brittany, looking gorgeous.......


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K. on :

Some of us would be howling at the moon if we didn’t have our daily prescription pill

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