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SOOOOO over it

Tatiana worked Monday through Saturday this week, the whole week was awfully BAD. So to all of you that have the imaginary impression that dancers make "tons of money" - think again. Not only was the money bad, that was just one thing. But the club seemed to be populated by obnoxious, intoxicated, really annoying people the whole week. It was a bar crowd, unfortunately it's been a lot of that lately. It's really too bad because the people that do like strip clubs might get turned off by the young, immature, rowdy bar crowd. It is still a strip club, supposedly! But sometimes it's seems like it is a bar with girls walking around in revealing outfits. And there were way too many women in there, for the wrong reasons, to drink, stare and take up space (most of them have fat asses and horse faces). And no, Tatiana is not talking about the dancers now, regular women, why they go in there if they are not even the slightest bit into it, is just weird to Tatiana.
Tatiana thinks that the Bush Company should start charging a small entrance fee, like $ 5 or $ 10. That would probably eliminate some of the people that shouldn't be there in the first place. If all you want to do is get wasted, go to a bar, there are plenty of those in town. Tatiana is not at all interested in trying to talk to people that are so drunk they can hardly walk or put together three words into a sentence. Last night she got two drinks spilled on her, gross. There were drunk people in there last night that acted like they were mentally disturbed, severely so. Bleh.
Tatiana can't express enough how elated she is that she is not dealing with THAT tonight. Silence. Is golden. So very true.

So most of the Christmas shopping is done. With mixed emotions. Tatiana loves giving, but sometimes it is just too much, the pressure, the guilt, like the obligation to have to give. All the gifts to Sweden and Vegas are sent. All the Christmas cards.
And in a while Tatiana is going to go and deliver some toys for the "Toys For Tots" drive. This is probably the best part of the gift giving. Tatiana is very happy with the gifts she got this year for the kids, she hopes they will be happy when they get them. Tatiana doesn't necessary like to be around kids, especially whiny ones. BUT she feels that the least she can do for Christmas is to put a smile on some kids faces.
Ok, enjoy this Sunday.
Next week Tatiana is going to go and see "Avatar". Bye for now.


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