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This annoys Tatiana

Womens rights?
Reports are coming out about the harassment of women in Muslim countries. In some places as many as 90 % of the women report that they get harassed when they are out in public. Even when they are wearing the head to toe ultimate cover up gear, the burqa. What is up with this? 90%? That is a staggering number.
Tatiana is SO happy that she is not living in one of those places. She would have to leave. It would be difficult to be a stripper in Yemen....... What she doesn't understand is the hypocrisy of this religion, Islam. Women are wearing different styles of the head garb to a full cover sheet looking thing called burqa in the name of this religion. Women are supposed to be chaste and cover up, to not "tempt" the men. Seriously! WTF! Grow up you dumb men!
It's all a control issue. But even this is obviously not working since women are still getting picked on when they venture outside of the house, like to the grocery store. So more and more women don't want to go outside due to this. Women are essential to society, they are not meant to be locked up in the house. Yin and Yang, balance, there needs to be a balance between the feminine and the masculine for society to function.
For me and you, reading this, it is totally normal to see women work, drive, go out and have fun but in many many places this is unheard of. It's crazy.
Obviously the burqa isn't working. Actually Tatiana is totally against that practice. She applauds the French Presidents Sarkozy's decision to outlaw the wearing of the burqa in France for women in public. He does not think that belongs in French society. Tatiana agrees, and the people that don't like it, go back to where you came from. Equality between the sexes belongs in society, sure we have our differences women and men but our human value and right to speak and exist and move freely - those are the same for women and men.
It's like that woman that immigrated from Somalia to Holland. She wore the burqa in Somalia, she grew up hearing that if women did not wear it, men would "go crazy" and "lose all control" at the sight of an uncovered woman.
Then when she arrived in Holland she was first shocked to see the women wearing pants, dresses, skirts, whatever pleased them. And then she noticed something else too. The men did not act crazy around the women there, they were functioning perfectly fine. So she started questioning why she had to wear the burqa, she started questioning Islam. She freed herself. Bravo!
Ohhhh, this angers Tatiana, issues like these. She really feels for people not being able to live out their human rights.
Tatiana rather be a stripper, naked and free than a burqa wearing imprisoned woman.


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