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Trouble in Tigerdice and thoughts on affairs

As soon as Tatiana heard about Tiger Woods "car accident" and that his wife bashed out one of the windows of the car with a golf club to "save" him, she thought something was fishy there. And indeed, soon after, an alleged affair surfaced and at this moment there are like three alleged affairs. And Tiger did admit to some transgressions, translation - he cheated.
Tatiana thinks that Tiger tried to save himself from his Swedish wife Elin's fury and the golf club she was swinging at him.
So Tiger cheated...... In general Tatiana is definitely against cheating but every relationship has it's own story. People cheat, there are many different reasons for it. But if somebody is going to have many affairs over and over again and in the end hurt their spouse emotionally it is always better to get a divorce. Elin is probably NOT happy, Tatiana doesn't think this is an open relationship marriage, Elin is probably pissed off, as she should be. Here is a young, good looking woman, with two small children, finding out that her husband has been having some ongoing affairs. Pretty gross. Tatiana would had chased him down with a golf club too. Or a good old fashioned frying pan, or thrown some hard Swedish clogs at his head. It's not like they have been married that long and Elin is better looking than Tiger anyway. Elin is a beauty, she blows those alleged affair women out of the water by far. She should just walk away. He can't be trusted anymore. She doesn't need him, the only sad part is the kids but they will be fine in the end.
Would Tatiana have an affair with a married man? No. Never have, never will. (Just to be politically correct here, Tatiana should say that at least she hopes to never have a relationship with a married man). Tatiana has to be a guys number one and if he is married there are too many people involved in the relationship already. Plus, she would feel awful doing that to the wife. It would just be weird. If the guy is so unhappy in his marriage he can get a divorce and then he can do whatever he wants. Unless it is some kind of an open marriage and everybody involved is ok with it.
An acquaintance of Tatiana's recently gave her some details about some married guy that cheated on his wife with a Vegas stripper (oh my!) and ended up taking the money saved up for his children's college funds and embezzling his wife's money, just to give it all to the stripper. Well, this doesn't happen too often. First of all, it was HIS choice to go in to the strip club in the first place, Tatiana doubts that he was forced to go there. Maybe married guys should stay out of strip clubs if they can't control themselves? Or go with the wife and just make a fun date out of it. Tatiana meets lots of guys, and honestly she couldn't care less if they are married or not, that's not HER problem. If they want to tip on stage or get dances, that's their choice. Tatiana doesn't force herself upon the "poor" men that wander in to the club. She is not going to see them outside of the club anyway. If she would end up dating or befriending a guy outside of the club he wouldn't be married. Tatiana doesn't have time for crap like that. Or if just a friend, the wife would be aware of and ok with Tatiana.
By the way, guys cheat on their wives with all kinds of women, strippers shouldn't be held responsible for all the bad things guys do to their wives. But many women have tons of already made up opinions about strippers, we take our clothes off for money for crying out loud! That is just awful!
Tatiana doesn't have anything to be ashamed of, she doesn't have any problems with getting naked, she is not hurting anyone, so so what? We are all naked underneath our clothes. Besides, she looks good naked. The nakedness doesn't have anything to do with what kind of a person she is. And there is a time and a place to get naked, she is not going to get naked just anywhere. So all the "righteous" people out there should recognize this and think about what kind of a person they are before they open their mouths to talk about strippers.
Yeah Elin, Tatiana's advice is dump the Tiger and get with a real man. Or woman.


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kevin on :

Again, Tatiana is right on.

US Mint on :

In Tatiana we trust

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