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Portland Stuff

I spent a couple of weeks in Portland and here are a few pics of what I did.
Met up with a friend to talk.

Drank latte everyday in different up on the latest Portland stuff.

Check out these beautiful homes!

And this Christmas tree.....are you feeling Christmasy yet? I'm not. There is no snow here and I'm kind of just like always I am excited to give away some nice presents. This year I got inspired by Tyler Perry and I am going to do what he did this year but in a much smaller scale of course. One does what one can.

Driving around in Portland. Not like Bend where it is downtempo and you get from point A to point B in a short amount of time. It is also easier to drive around in Vegas where the infrastructure in general is newer and gives you more room. Portland driving is bumpy, pot holes everywhere, winding roads, hills all over and confusion in general.

I am back to the calm in Bend now but I will be returning to Portland soon and it looks like I will be spending a lot of time there next year.


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