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Death Cafe

Last night I tried something that I have never heard about until last night.....I attended a Death Cafe. I saw the flier at my regular coffeeshop and basically right then and there decided to check it out. I think about death once in a while and I especially wonder what happens after we die, is this life it or is there more? I have always wanted there to be more and I am searching for evidence to support that belief/hope. I thought that going to a Death Cafe would perhaps teach me something. And it was a very positive, although a bit emotional (because death is emotional for most after all) experience and I would definitely go again.
We were a group of 17 and the lady who facilitated the event, Cheryl is a registered nurse, works in a hospice and is an end of life doula. Out of 17 people, three were men. Interesting.....
We all introduced ourselves and after that I was silent, I did not have much to contribute with, I was there to listen and learn.
I can say that I heard interesting stories and thoughts. One lady said that she had seen her Mother after she passed, her Mom was clearly standing in front of her and she looked happy, so that was a positive experience.
One of the men said that he saw his Father after he passed over or passed away.....whatever you want to call it, run around young and happy with a white and brown dog by his side.
The dog had been his Dad's dog when his Dad was younger.
If there is anything I so much wish for with my whole heart is that if we do go somewhere else when we die that we will get reunited with our beloved pets. ❤️
I also found out that there is something called a Mushroom Death Suit. An alternative to getting cremated, embalmed (I would not go that route because formaldehyde is used and that is very toxic) or lowered into the ground in a coffin. There are different alternatives to disposing of a body. Perhaps one could also request a few psilocybin mushroom to be used in the creation of the death suit. I believe in the power of magic mushrooms and so do many others.

Death Cafes are held worldwide so there might be a Death Cafe near you, I highly recommend it!
"Death is not waiting for us at the end of a long road. Death is always with us, in the marrow of every passing moment. She is the secret teacher hiding in plain sight, helping us to discover what matters most."
From "The Five Invitations" by Frank Ostaseki.


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Seventh on :

Death, the end, a toast to the ghost- Oft too late to change what matters most. Dimensions more than we can sublime- No power for me to reverse this time. Most are left with naught but fear- Save love- understood both far and near.

Annette on :

Thanks for going and sharing


Thank You for reading!

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