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Potato And Cheese

No Ma'ama Jama's today.....they were closed so I got pierogis instead from Big Ski's Pierogis, another food cart in the same area. My fave pierogis are the ones with kraut filling, then potato filling. Well this place have kraut and mushroom and I do not like mushrooms and they don't have only potato instead they have potato and cheese so that is what I got. It's like the fourth time I got pierogis from Big Ski's now and they are not the best, they are good though. First of all because I can't get what I want and the pierogis feel a bit dry at the edges like they have been laying around for too long. Meh. They are good for when you are craving pierogis or are hungry but I definitely had better. Me making pierogis from scratch has not happened yet.....maybe one day but I am so impatient and it is a rather long process. My Mom would make pierogis from scratch when I was little and I remember that I could hardly wait for her to finish the cooking of them so I could start eating. I would gulp them down really fast, they were so good.

Chhaya with piggy head and tiger head.....she took the heads off and picks them out for play. So cute!

Now I am going to try and convince myself to go to the gym. The hardest part is getting there, everything else is easy.


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