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PMS and The Bush do not go together

It's Saturday night - Tatiana usually works Saturday nights. But not tonight. Why? She has PMS short for PreMenstrual Syndrome. Basically, she is NOT in the mood to walk around The Bush in a barely there outfit, trying to engage in some kind of conversation with people she doesn't know and collect money in exchange for lap dances. Tatianas PMS symptoms usually consist of higher than usual levels of irritability. Since Tatiana is a very impatient person in general and gets annoyed rather easily with various forms of stupidity it can actually be down right dangerous for other people to encounter Tatiana in a bar environment like The Bush, which on Saturday nights is frequented by many imbeciles. Tatiana does not wish to engage with them on this particular evening. Other PMS symptoms include sensitivity to loud sounds and bloating. And unexplainable fatigue.
So Tatiana made herself and others a favor and stayed home.
If you missed out on Tatianas presence you can always try next week. She will most likely be her usual charming self.


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Alvin on :

Aw! and I was debating on going in today.. I guess I'll wait till a later date...

Hope this cheers you up :-D

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