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In Portland

I am in Portland for the week. It is 4th of July today and we got some champagne in the fridge for later and I will probably see some fireworks this evening. I have a few places I want to go to, some people to see and something to purchase while I am here. Started off my day at the Bipartisan Cafe with a latte.
Sweden has advanced to the quarterfinals in the World Cup. Nobody has missed that the World Cup is in full swing over in Russia right now, right? Anyhow, I am excited and a bit scared for this Saturday - Sweden against England. HEJA SVERIGE!
Now I am going to take the dogs out.


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Paul on :

Happy 4th! Caught a few games & it’s been fun, better than NFL with constant stop/starts.

Tatiana on :

The NFL is way too slow for me to watch (and understand) with all those time consuming stops and starts. It's just annoying to me.
Sweden is playing tomorrow.
My brother is going to watch Sweden against England at an English pub in Tokyo together with am Englishman and a guy from Hong Kong. That sounds like fun. I will be sleeping at 7 am I suspect.....

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