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Giiwaas Crater Lake

Have you ever been to Crater Lake? If not you should plan a trip to see this breathtakingly beautiful place. Crater Lake had many names, the Klamath tribe of Native Americans named it Giiwaas (some write Giiwas) which means spiritual place and they still regard it a spiritual site which I can totally understand.
I went there last week and I want to go back and explore it some more. Go hiking more, perhaps spend the night. There are different options if you want to spend the night at Crater Lake.

Chhaya came with.

One of the trails takes you down to the lake. I highly recommend walking down to the lake, it is not that difficult at all. People swim down there (so bring something to wear if you want to take a dip) and you get a completely different view of the area. The water was not that cold although I only dipped my feet into it. The lake is amazingly blue, clear and deep. Deepest lake in the United States.

A spirit.

A beautiful day came to an end....I love this place. I have to come back. I am extremely grateful for the places I have been to. Nature is wonderful.


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HJ on :

Nice post on Crater Lake. I have a recreational parcel just east of the park. I live south of Bend and noticed you traveled to my area. I live an hour from Salt Creek Falls. Did you hit up any of the hot springs? I happened upon your site while researching Soldotna. I'm looking at relocating there. Can you offer me any advice on which place you would live permanently? You can email me, if that is easier. If not, no big deal. Interesting blog!

Tatiana on :

I haven't been to any hot springs around the Bend area yet except Belknap. I really want to go to Terwilliger hot springs but last time I checked Highway 19 was closed off in a section due to damage, so I will go when it's clear. Oh and I will go to Breitenbush as well....I checked it out, like I drove there and got some info on the place.
I will email you about Soldotna. I am SO happy that I live in Oregon instead of Alaska but I can see why people are curious about Alaska....."the last frontier".

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