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Back in Anchorage

Tatiana is already back in Anchorage. The first thing she did was to pick up Chhaya, that is now sleeping on the couch curled up against Tatianas leg.
Soon Tatiana will go to sleep also, she is tired but she needs to take a bath first. Her suitcases are sprawled open on the floor but that will have to wait until tomorrow.
Tomorrow it is also time to get back to The Bush. Tatiana is sleepy, she wishes she could just sleep away the weekend with some occasional chocolate breaks.
It's kind of sad to be back and at the same time not. Tatiana realized the other day that life is full of good byes. She feels like she is always saying good bye to her friends either here, in Vegas, LA, or Sweden. It makes her sad. Good byes are not fun, Tatiana likes her friends too much for good byes.
She wishes that she could live close to all of them...........


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