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Macadamia Milk

Today I brought in my own milk to the coffeeshop. I am trying to drink less cow's milk because I care about the cows. I don't like soy, hemp and almond milk. But this macadamia milk is good. Used in a latte it made the espresso stand out more, tasted stronger. I am a vegetarian but not a vegan but I am trying to decrease the animal products when I can.


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Paul on :

Good tip - I will give this a try. I just bought vegan suede shoes - not that great, but I can live with it. These will get better, no need to cause unnecessary pain.

Tatiana on :

I had it yesterday for my latte as well. I really like it just straight, very tasty.
I like the way you think and care about the animals and the world.

Mumintrollet on :

" I am trying to drink less cow's milk because I care about the cows."

If no one buys milk , there will be no cows in the future.

Tatiana on :

"If no one buys milk , there will be no cows in the future."
I am sure there will be plenty of cows in the future, because most people are not willing to give up eating cow meat and dairy products. Me cutting down on my cow milk consumption because I feel bad for the cows will not affect the world's cow population.
Although I wish people in general would eat less meat and dairy products, much less.

Paul on :

There are too many people & farm animals causing too much pollution, either we increase how efficiently we use resources or gradually reduce polpulation of both.

I look forward to “clean meat” - better for animals & almost no pollution. Some may balk at it, but will save a lot of misery.

Tatiana on :

I think population control is the key. Humans cause way more destruction to the planet than animals.
I recall you mentioning clean meat before, I don't know anything about it. I have to read about it now.

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