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Monster Massive

Tatiana woke up not too long ago, she is in Santa Monica at her friend Julianas house. Last night it was Monster Massive time. And now it's over, it's always over too fast, that makes Tatiana sad. Of course it was fun!!! It's like being in a different world for some time, in rave land, where everybody is cute, friendly and has a good time. Then it's over and you need to go back to reality land. Bleh.
But reality for Tatiana is over all pretty great. She is in Santa Monica, it's sunny, beautiful and warm out. She is going to run over to Starbucks now for some iced latte. Later she will eat with her friends and go and watch the sunset at some beautiful beach.
Here are some pics of Tatiana and her great friends from the rave. In case you want to know what she was wearing..........and marvel at the overload of cuteness.......


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