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San Francisco

I fell in love with San Francisco. ❤

Driving in across the Bay Bridge, the sun was was the last day of 2017. I felt anticipation and happiness.

The following day, New Year's Day was spent exploring. I thought it was scary to drive up and down some of those really steep streets.....I don't know how people drive like that every day and park their cars on steep hills.
Here you can see Alcatraz in the distance.

The years's first meal. My Mom once told me that a year's first day - your food intake, your mood and what happens, sets the tone for the rest of the year and the tone for the first day of 2018 was great. Plus this is an 11 year and there were a few 11's surrounding me in San Francisco.

We had to go here - Haight and Ashbury.

We went to Amoeba Music.

I am glad I have this friend. ❤

So this January is special because of two full moons, both supermoons, one already happened on January 1. It was called the Wolf Moon. The next one is on January 31 and it is called the Blue Moon but also Blood Moon since there will be a lunar eclipse and the moon will turn blood red at some point. Don't miss out on seeing that! This can't be seen from everywhere but I hope to catch a glimpse of it.
The Wolf Moon in San Francisco.

Until next time San Francisco!


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