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Pensive & Falco

I have been thinking a LOT the last couple of days.....more pensive than usual. Thinking about this journey called life. Last night I had chills and very bad stomach cramps so I went to bed early and tried to warm up and feel better. And today I am feeling back to normal.
Chhaya is not feeling well either. She started limping yesterday, I am not sure why. Hopefully it is something temporary and she will be back to her normal self soon.
Me in bed feeling cold and achy. And a bit melancholic.

I have spent the last few days obsessing over Falco. The singer from Austria that had some hits in the 80s. He passed away in 1998 due to injuries from a car accident. Only 40 years old. HOW SAD! I remember his songs and I loved many of them.
I LOVE 80s music in general.....perhaps I need to do something useful with my love for it. So I have been watching Falco music videos and documentaries about him.
I watched an hour long documentary in German with no subtitles last night and my German is definitely rusty. I studied that language for three years and I thought I remembered more than I obviously do. Anyhow. Falco was a very talented musician. And a very good looking man. It has been so interesting to find out more about him. I can get lost for hours and hours every night watching music videos and immersing myself into the lyrics and finding out more about the person/s behind the music.
I remember really liking his Jeanny songs (part 1 and 2) and Der Kommissar......his songs are still good. Isn't this journey we call life so strange? One day you can have so much only to have it all taken away from you the next. That song Jeanny has been stuck in my head for three days now, it's not going away, it is on repeat. But I love it. It's a sad song but very beautiful.
I am going to continue watching Falco stuff now and drink tea.
Falco - Du bist nicht vergessen. ♥ ♥ ♥

Jeanny, quit livin' on dreams
Jeanny, life is not what it seems
Such a lonely little girl in a cold, cold world
There's someone who needs you
Jeanny, quit livin' on dreams
Jeanny, life is not what it seems
You're lost in the night
Don't wanna struggle and fight
There's someone who needs you


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Paul on :

Thoughtful post - melancholy is a dear friend of me too! The colder darker winter months set it off, don’t feel down, just pensive.

Hope you and Chhaya are feeling better.

Tatiana on :

The darker and colder seasons are good for inner reflection....
Feeling better. Thank You!

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