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Hop In The Spa

Today me and Desi went to America's first beer spa, located in Sisters Oregon.
We soaked in wooden tubs full of hops, minerals and herbs. It was a very warm, nice and fragrant soak. If you ever go through Sisters perhaps stop for a microbrew soak.....and check out Sisters too, it's a very nice place.

Desi and her size 5 feet. I think I told her she has the cutest feet ever like three times. If you want to see more of Desi you can look at her Instagram,

I also had Shirodhara therapy, I love Shirodhara.....! Now I have oil in my hair that I will have to shampoo out later. I've got to take the oil that was used in the treatment home.

Afterwards we were starving so we found a cute place called Angeline's Bakery, we both had chai and I had a super yummy potato and broccoli soup (not enough soup in my bowl though to satisfy my hunger) and one of the best....if not the best, lemon bars I have ever tasted.

Then we took Chhaya out and found the cutest little lizard!

Before leaving Sisters we stopped at Harmony Farm Sanctuary to say hello to the animals. This place is a forever home for rescued and adopted animals. ❤ ❤ ❤
I petted and scratched the backs of the cutest piggies, goats and sheep.....they were so friendly and curious.....sniffing me gently with their noses. I love animals so much. We are planning to come back here so we can spend more time with them.
Chhaya was very curious but respectful of the piggies, especially the large pig.
I loved this piggy! I think she was smiling in the pic with Chhaya. I just wanted to climb in to them and give them all kisses and hugs.


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Carla on :

I have never heard of a "beer spa" ..... how warm was it? .... sounds relaxing but certainly a nice clean shower after would be in order..... hmmm, I have heard that hops may contribute to breast enlargement along with other things like soy.
Desi has size 5 feet... there might be a danger that the hops will work on those!!! LOL.

Angelines Bakery sounds terrific.... your soup and lemon bar were scrumptious I am certain.

I love to visit animal rescue sanctuaries.... the very least we can do for defenseless and innocent animals. Indeed, it looks as if your Chhaya was very curious.

As always I so enjoy your posts and pictures.

Tatiana on :

No shower afterwards, no need for it. The soak was clean and it is nice to not shower off oils/minerals or whatever and just let the skin absorb it. It's good for the skin.
Perhaps if you eat hops on a regular basis (I don't know) it may contribute to whatever, just like soy but an occasional bath won't make any difference.
The owner told us how warm the soak was but I forgot, it was nice and warm, hot at first but then your body adjust. It should be hot so your body relaxes. I love hot springs and soaks so I want the water to be nice and hot.

Mr.B on :

Best recipe for hops I have ever seen!

Tatiana on :

I think some lemon slices in there would had been nice....

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