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Tea Buzz Global Tea Bar & Meditation

Me and Desi had tea the other day at a place called Tea Buzz Global Tea Bar.
We enjoyed one cup each with a refill. Desi had green tea and I had black.
This is the building, so cute!

They have a library there where you can borrow books.

I picked the Prince Wladimir tea, it was good.

The tea was presented by a very nice lady, Joanna. So knowledgable about the art of tea, she has traveled all over to bring different teas back home with her. Everything was nicely presented, from the pouring of the tea, the tea cups, the different sugars, the tea gourds.....this is a quality place to visit for tea.

We decided that we are returning for another tea session, then we will try something called a Tea Tasting Flight where we will sample three teas each.

Afterwards we participated in a meditation. So this place has several buildings and there are many interesting things going on.....reiki, tea, meditation, there is an esthetician, you can get reflexology, acupuncture. I need more than tea for sure.
We got to sample a green tea from China before the meditation.

A crystal lyre, first time I have seen and heard this instrument - very pretty.


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cindy on :

Wow..this is my kind of place!! What a magical find. I love the details of the teas there and the special meditation areas. What a cute building too. SO many reasons why I love the Pacific Northwest and this is one of them!

Tatiana on :

The Pacific Northwest is amazing.
Yes, I felt too that this place with all that it has to offer was a magical find.

Annette on :

Oh what a cute place ❤️

Tatiana on :

You should come and visit so we can go together!

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