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Full Day

Today I had a full's past ten in the evening now and I just had dinner and after I finish writing this I will take Chhaya out for an evening walk. Have to bundle up though, it is getting cold.
So what did I do, latte plus caught up on the latest news/blogs that I read when I have my latte, post office, park with Chhaya, errands (various stores), looked for Halloween stuff, home to eat, met up Desi for tea and meditation, back home to feed Chhaya and clean the house, one load of laundry, dinner and now I am sitting here writing. After the walk with Chhaya I am going to take a shower and put on another mask on my face. The last few nights I put Manuka honey on my face, I leave it on for at least ten minutes but I prefer to leave it on for about 20 minutes.

So here are the three kinds of glögg/Glühwein/mulled wine that you can buy at World Market right now. In Sweden we say glögg and it is something we drink around Christmas time. So the bottle that says "Glögg" is from Sweden and does not have alcohol in it. The Glühwein is from Germany and the Vin Glögg is from California, the latter two have alcohol. I am going to try all three. YUMMY!
Glögg party!

Last night I found out that Marilyn Manson just released a new album a few days ago, Heaven Upside Down . I REALLY want to see him in concert, the last two times he came through Vegas and I was there the tickets sold out fast and I could not get a ticket. He is going to play in Vegas in a couple of weeks at the House of Blues but I can't go.....hopefully he will tour next year, then I really NEED to go and see him. I like the songs Threats of Romance and Kill4me from the new album.
I find this man very fascinating.
I do have a concert coming up though....and I am getting excited!


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