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I took the movies that I rented back to Blockbuster this evening.....but not before watching a few more scenes with John Bender. SWOON......seriously!
I realized that I have several entries in the blog dedicated to my crush John Bender.
So what other boys have made me swoon? No real life boys now, I am talking about the ones I have fantasized about from early teens until now.
First, a bit of background....I was like almost blind before I got a summer job at Åhléns cosmetics department in Skärholmen one summer and could finally afford buying contact lenses. I had glasses since I was 12 years old, I am very nearsighted but I refused to wear my glasses outside the classroom because I was vain, embarrassed over my glasses and I was scared that I would get teased (lame I know that now). So before the contacts I would think that every other guy I saw in a half blind blur was super cute and whatever friend I was with at the moment had to patiently explain to me that nooooooo he is NOT cute. I was quite boy crazy and just crazy in general, in a fun way. Nothing has changed I guess.
I remember when me and my friend Jenny spent a month or two in Poland at my cousins house one summer. My older male cousin accompanied us to a night club called Bungalowa and the next morning he wide eyed and terrified told my Mom that she better hire security for her daughter that summer. The male attention had been overwhelming and my poor cousin was scared for my safety.....LOL. Plus me and Jenny wanted to go out basically every night and he was not going to be our chaperone, he was married with two kids and had no desire to be out until 5 am every night. In the end we survived that summer in Sopot, it was a wild and very fun summer. I still think back at it and smile. That summer I got my first marriage proposal. Me and Jenny almost DIED.....when this boy pulled out a ring and started telling me that he loved me. I barely knew him, I think we kissed a few times that's it.
Speaking of kissing. I want a boy like THIS to kiss me. THIS is the kiss I am waiting for.

OMG. I love his hair, his face and his style. Maybe I should be John Bender for Halloween? I have the gloves and the jean jacket already, the rest I can get.
Other crushes I've had/have, my crushes kind of don't die....I am super loyal......Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran), Keith Flint (the Prodigy), Keoki (a DJ), Chester Bennington, Putin (yes, THAT Putin), Ville Valo (HIM). Did I forget anyone? I think Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) is super seksi too. Oh and Zlatan (there is only one Zlatan) minus the current mustache. I can't leave out a young Sebastian Bach (Skid Row). And Samir, best looking guy in Sweden. I have girl crushes too of course, I LOVE Rihanna and Ellen. Those are the fantasy crushes.....any "real" people crushes currently? No.


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Kevin on :

I just wish I knew if there was any way to talk to this blogger more about their experience at Frank days in South Dakota

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