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On My Way

Here it is, the much coveted entry ticket to one of the best events on this planet. Burning Man.
Radical Ritual is the theme for 2017. This will be my fifth year in a row. I am on my way to the Playa to feel the wind and dust blow through my hair, to dance all night long, to see amazing art, to meet new people, to learn, to feel, to grow, to feel ALIVE, to immerse myself deeply into Burning Man for about one week. One week that will go by in a blink of an eye. On my way......

You won't hear from me until sometimes next week. ❤


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Carla on :

Wow... this is not good news. I hope that you had a good time anyway.

Read this:
"A man dived into the Burning Man effigy at the famous festival in Nevada after evading security to the horror of thousands of onlookers.

Astonishingly, he was pulled from the inferno and taken to a hospital but later died.

Around 70,000 people attend the gathering in the Black Rock Desert and one of the main highlights of the festival is the burning of a huge wooden statue.

But, as the crowds watched on Saturday night, the man dodged security and firefighters, ran towards the flaming structure and jumped into the flames.

Emergency services managed to drag the man from the fire and he was airlifted to a specialist burns unit at the University of California - Davis hospital, where he died on Sunday, according to reports."

I am looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your always terrific pictures when you get back.

Tatiana on :

What individual people chose to do in cases like these or similar, has NOTHING to do with Burning Man.
People harm themselves including suicide all over, this is nobody's responsibility and fault except the person who did it.
Yes, I had a good time.

Carla on :

Welcome back.

Of course this tragedy had nothing to do with Burning Man nor the event sponsors. Yes, it is solely the fault of the individual that used poor judgement and/or had a suicide desire. For sure... it is called being responsible for one's actions and being responsible for one's bad behavior and bad decisions. These kinds of things are all around us, in any field and in any activity.
I am just glad that he did not harm others or put others in grave danger... hats off to the emergency personelle that risked their health trying to save this troubled guy.

I am glad that you had a good time... looking forward to some of your always terrific pictures that you took at Burning Man 2017.

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