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Tamolitch Pool

Went back to the Blue Pool yesterday......the official name of the place is Tamolitch Pool. Went with Desi this time, she has been wanting to see the place for some time. What can I say? It's a great, very scenic hike through gorgeous forest.....the pool itself is absolutely beautiful, the water in the pool is icy cold.
Here are some of the pics.....

Thank You forest! I love you.


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Carla on :

Always terrific pictures in your postings. I live your different poses... and the tree hugging picture.
It sounds like Desi is your new BFF in Oregon. Where did you meet her?
Keep taking pictures and posting them... very enjoyable to see what you post and where you have been.

Tatiana on :

Desi is my friend, I don't use terms like BFF. (No jab at you Carla, I am just explaining).
Some friends come and go, I've had a few of those and some friends you know a lifetime, I have a few of those too and I'm not dead yet.
Where did I meet Desi? Tinder. We both swiped right.
No....I am just joking. I don't do dating sites. We went to the gym together one day and that was that.

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