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Well.....the great solar eclipse came and went. It's over now and was kind of overhyped or should I say, people were getting way too worked up over this I think. Freaking out that there would be a shortage of water, gasoline, name it.
No shortages here, well I don't know what happened in your neck of the woods but I did not lack anything.
I drove to Terrebonne which was in totality but not in the direct path of the eclipse. I put on my protective eclipse glasses and watched, it was like looking at a new moon. With a reddish golden tint. Then the moon covered the sun for about a minute which looked pretty cool and then it was over.
It did not get completely dark where I was at, it looked like evening, perhaps it got completely dark in the areas that were in the direct path of the eclipse. I don't know. What I did notice though was stillness and quiet coming on as the totality drew closer....there is something special about these events for sure.

Next time there is a total eclipse here in the US is in 2024.....then it is expected that there will be peaks of totality for about four minutes, which will be longer totality than today's eclipse. I don't have any knowledge on this subject whatsoever.....the sun, the moon, the stars.

This was the frontage of yesterday's Bulletin (a paper).


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Carla on :

Yes... this eclipse thing was way over-hyped. The doomsday preppers were forecasting all kinds of disasters related to the eclipse and planet alignment. Like you said... gas, food, water, etc..... about the only thing that I saw happening was that hotel rooms and accommodations got very expensive and the traffic was bad.
Yes, it does get kinda quiet during the darkest part of the eclipse... I noticed that the birds stopped chirping and singing for a short time as it got darker and seemingly colder.
I personally did not find this to be a big deal or a big event.... it came and it went.... and everything went back to normal.
Thanks for your thoughts and your posting and very nice pics.

Tatiana on :

Yes....good observations - prices went up so businesses could cash in on the eclipse.
But I am happy that I traveled a bit out of my way to see the eclipse.
And now it is back to normal just like you said.

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