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Another Trip

Today was a good day for another trip so me and Chhaya picked up Desi at 3 and we took off.
So we were going to go to Clear Lake because I read that there are some more than 3000 year old trees under the water in the lake and that this lake is considered one of the best places for diving in the US.
On the way there I had to stop at the sign for the Pacific Crest Trail that Cheryl Strayed hiked (1100 miles of it - impressive!) and then penned about that adventure in her book Wild that I just love.

It was a windy and gloomy day today which was nice after many days of relentless sun and heat but it didn't make Clear Lake any justice. The water IS very clear, we went out on the boat deck and as the water got deeper it still remained clear and you can see the bottom of the lake. To view the underwater forest you need to probably either dive or take a boat out to the location of it. Maybe have to come back here another time because Chhaya tried to get in the row boats several times, basically telling me she wants to go boating.

Fed the ducks, Chhaya that normally would not eat plain bread wants to scarf down all the bread that the ducks get because she does not want to share HER bread with them.

And then we continued driving and got to Sahalie Falls.....

I hiked down to Koosah Falls when I was there last month and today we scrambled down to Sahalie Falls, well as close as we could get. It was muddy and the water from the falls sprayed us down, we basically got a shower. Chhaya was not too excited at all over her shower. Here I am showing her the falls from up at the viewpoint and she got kind of what is THAT?

But we got a picture with the waterfalls behind us. Mission accomplished!
Took some pics, or attempted to at the bottom of the hill behind us but the water spraying everywhere made it difficult. I do suggest a hike down to Koosah Falls for an up close experience for those that can handle a rather steep climb.

Then I realized we were close to Belknap so we went there too. A visit to the amazing Secret Garden can never be a bad is so beautiful at Belknap.
If you happen to be in the area you have to go there!

When the plants are taller than you....

Then it started getting dark and we drove home. What a nice day!


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