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Blue Pool And Waterfalls

So during my stay at Belknap I went on a hike to Tamolitch Pool, also known as the Blue Pool. It's a 2 mile hike each way from the Blue Pool trailhead and fairly easy and very scenic, in other words - a great hike. The whole area here is spectacular.
The Blue Pool itself is quite a view when you first see it, crystal clear water and a gorgeous intense color.

There were plenty of visitors at the Blue Pool enjoying themselves, some were jumping into the water from far up but the water was way too cold for me.
I dipped my foot in and that was enough. No swimming for me.

I see a face in the roots.

A short drive or hiking distance away (your choice) there are some waterfalls.
Had to go there of course. Sahalie Falls first.

Thunder of the sky; thunder of the drums; thunder of the falls. A timeless song cycle.....

And then Koosah Falls.

I am so grateful I got to see this. I love the outdoors.


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Mr.B on :

The sunrays are magical. I do not know how the faeries make such beauty - but I am glad they do!

Tatiana on :

I agree, the sunrays are magical.
THANK YOU Mr B. for your kindness and friendship.

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