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I know I have not checked in for a while but me and Chhaya traveled around last week, we were busy exploring. After all there are many trees to smell and climb and squirrels to chase!

No squirrels get harmed when Chhaya runs after them.....they scurry up the nearest tree and sit at a safe distance and snicker at her. Chhaya gets very excited over this.
And I found an amazing reflexology place! 90 minutes of pure bliss performed by a lady named Jun. She massaged my ears, first she put warm towels on my ears.....then she started kneading and pulling on them and then she put her pinky finger into each ear and started stretching my ear opening. Sounds weird maybe but it felt amazing.....! And she massaged my hands and my feet. OMG I love, love, love getting my feet rubbed. I was very happy. I told her that I will be back.

I got done with a hike this evening and I am in bed, ready to sleep. Feeling tired.


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