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Went Away

I went away, both from the blog and in reality. I needed to go to Las Vegas for a quick one week trip and take care of some stuff. In that seven day span I was so busy that I was too tired in the evening to go and have my much longed for massage with Kathy. No massage this time around.....but I got A LOT done and accomplished so that feels good. I took some cool pics on the drive through Nevada but they are on a different phone so I need to get them transferred first before I can put them up here on the blog. See the night before my Vegas trip a real moron opened up (uninvited of course may I say) the passenger door on my car and took my phone. After trying to "talk" to me first. Fucking disgusting piece of shit lowlife. Anyhow, I can be extremely determined and persistent if I decide to be, so of course I had that scumbag tracked down. Meanwhile I was without my phone the whole Vegas trip, instead I had to work with an ancient flip phone. Better than sending smoke signals, those take too long.

I can't even recall those days, the days of the flip phone pre smartphone. To make a long story short, once I got back "home" I got my phone back. I had the option to have the scumbag arrested but since I don't have time to waste on inbred morons I decided against it. On a few stipulations, if my memory card with my photos was missing from my phone he would be arrested and if he had any priors with any type of violence against women. He was lucky that I am kind.
Now, hopefully he doesn't breed but knowing the human race some dumb woman, or a few, already squeezed out some of his offspring that are now being raised in between beer cans, cigarette smoke, loud arguments and the noise of sports on the TV. No, I don't want to "talk" to you. We have NOTHING in common (besides co existing on this planet). Stay away from me, Thank You!
I hope YOU (yes, you reading this) had a nice 4th of July.

Or to quote Edward Abbey, "A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government."
I took Chhaya to see the fireworks. She is not scared of fireworks, she gets excited, very excited and wants to join in.

I see that Trump has visited my birth country Poland and is now at, or heading for the G20 summit in Hamburg and has a meeting with my husband to be - Putin.
I have not followed this in detail whatsoever because I was also without my laptop for a few days. My charger was missing but I got it back today. So now I am back, phone and laptop. Yeay!


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Carla on :

Tatiana: Wow, you have had quite an adventure..... how in the world did you get your smartphone back? Hopefully you had it locked with a passcode so the low-life-scum-thief couldn't access your data, email, contacts, blog and other important information. Did you???
Are you still in Vegas or are you back in Bend, Oregon??
Now I know why you haven't blogged lately. I had all kinds of thoughts why.... perhaps your were kidnapped?, flew to Poland to propose to Putin?, gave up on your blog?, etc, etc. Thankfully you are back on cyberspace. You were very much missed.
Happy trails... I love road trips.

Tatiana on :

I am in Oregon.
Still waiting for Putin to kidnap me....hello Volodya what is taking you so long?
The scumbag that took my phone was on camera. Long story but he got tracked down.
No my phone is not locked but I don't have any info to blog or bank on it.
BUT my contacts and he did contact a few people via my phone and wrote them some low class unintelligent gibberish before my phone's battery went dead and I had the phone locked by AT&T.

Carla on :

It is good that the guy was caught red handed.
I always have my phone locked but I have it set to only require a pass code after 15 minutes so I don't always have to keep entering it. You can set it for other time increments too that might be more agreeable.

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