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Sick World

This world is sick and it is sick because of people. I am reading about that poor man, Otto Warmbier (barely an adult) that made the terrible mistake to travel to North Korea. And returned home in a coma and is now dead. Poor his parents. First of all, WHO wants to visit North Korea willingly? Even if I got offered a large sum of money I would not go there and support that regime in any way. That joke of a "man" in power over there, somebody needs to get rid of him. If you read on the US State Department's site, traveling to North Korea is strongly discouraged because you can get detained for basically anything there. You look at somebody the wrong way and you get sentenced to at least a decade of hard labor and a starvation diet. I feel bad for the people that live there. Completely brain washed and imprisoned within their own country. How can a place like that exist in these times? And what the hell is Dennis Rodman doing over there when he goes to visit? And if you for some reason DO encounter a problem in North Korea you have to contact the SWEDISH embassy over there, since there is no US embassy or consulate there. No shit. Who wants to work there? Now I feel bad for the Swedes working there. I am NEVER giving up my Swedish passport by the way. Yea, yea.....never say never but that is how I feel. I love my Swedish citizenship.
Other places I would not travel to would be places where men treat women like possessions and where getting gang raped by a bunch of sex starved lunatics is almost considered normal. Like India. Too bad because I love Indian food and that country has so much history. Also no interest in traveling to some Muslim countries. No thanks, I do not want to be subjected to that kind of blatant disrespect and be around unevolved behaviour. And have zero rights.
I also don't want to go to places where people think eating dog is yummy. There is a TERRIBLE picture of a tied up dog that I saw today. Paws tied together and mouth bound shout. I want to beat the person that did that to the dog. I do hate people. And also something about that tourists in some place think that they are buying some dish with chicken meat when in fact it's dog meat. How about eating less meat in general? I can't stand that UNEVOLVED mindset that one needs to eat meat every day. NO YOU DON'T!
You will survive without meat - I promise. If you are privileged enough to be able to make choices about what you stick in your about practicing some compassion and kindness too and not ONLY think about yourself for a change? Think about that animal that you are chewing on. Do you care how it lived, how it was treated during it's life and how it died? No? Well, maybe it's time that you should USE your brain and think about something useful.
OK.....I don't hate everybody although I do think that this is a sick world. It does hurt to live. So much misery. I am watching SKAM 4, it is so disappointing that there will be no more episodes of SKAM after season 4. This series is SO GOOD!
I freakin' love all the characters but I especially LOVE P-Chris. How pretty and sexy can I guy get? Me and all the other teenage girls and ladies agree.......although I'm supposedly an adult (nooooo, I want to be 19!) I am very much like a teenager in many ways. And right now my boy crush is P-Chris.


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