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I got a craving for orange marmalade (marmelad in Swedish) so I got some at IKEA and took it to work. Marmalade and butter on a warm fresh out of the oven croissant is so yummy. That and some tea with lemon and sugar. I really enjoyed that breakfast, so much so that I had two croissants

Not much else to say. I am good, Chhaya is good. That's about it for now.


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Carla on :

Orange Marmalade is my most favorite.... I always look for the variety that has lots of orange zest (peels and pulp) in it.
As you stated so very good on fresh out of the oven bread or rolls with lot of butter too!!!!
Like you, I can't eat just one!

Tatiana on :

I love orange marmalade, just like you. Now I will try different kinds until I find my favorite

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