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I got a surprise at work yesterday. A long handwritten, 25 pages long may I add, letter and a 1976 National Geographic were waiting for me. In the letter it says, "When I first read in your blog, 'Get ready to get addicted', I remember saying to myself, 'Wow, that's quite presumptuous of her to say'. I was addicted in one week".
Well.....thank you "superfan" for the letter, the magazine and your kind words.
I am glad that you find my blog entertaining, or should I say addicting....? I had no clue that you can have Siri read my blog out loud - I know! I might have to try that myself one day.
And I am glad that I have influenced you in certain areas - you mention eating less meat as one and that makes me very happy. I have actually had two other people tell me the same in the past.
I love it when people read my blog and reach out to me to let me know.....throughout the years I've got quite a few emails from people telling me that they've enjoyed reading my ramblings.
Again.....thank you kindly for making the extra effort in letting me know that you enjoy the blog. :-)

The National Geographic has a long article about Stockholm, with great pictures of the city too - very cool. I grew up in Stockholm and I will save the magazine. TACK!

But now I am going to take out my contact lenses and call it a night. I have to be up early tomorrow again. I had a long but good day today. Me and Chhaya went for a long walk this evening. She is sleeping already. I LOVE the feeling of drifting to sleep when I am really tired......I love sleeping.
GODNATT to all my fans out there......wherever you are!


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Carla on :


A wonderful and happy posting today from you.

25 pages !!!! Wow-wee .... a novel! I trust that as you eluded to in your blog post above that it was an edifying and a positive feel-good "note"

Yes indeed, your readers can be addicted (in a good way) to your writings and pictures about your daily life.

Have a great day today!!

Tatiana on :

Yes....a novel indeed.
A very nice gesture. Nothing inappropriate in it.
Have a nice weekend Carla!

Cindy on :

Wow..that is a nice surprise to receive....but I can understand why someone would want to give you such a special "gift". You are a special person inside and out....:-)

Tatiana on :

Awwwww......Thank You Cindy!
You should come visit me at the cafe! I will treat you to a coffee and dessert.

Cindy on :

Yes I would love to come to your Cafe!! Maybe one day next week?

Tatiana on :

Sounds like a plan!

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