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Sunrise Coffee

I found a new (for me) coffee shop called Sunrise Coffee in Vegas. I like it a lot but I won't go there on a regular basis because it is too far away from me......but super cute place with good latte.

And I really like tip jars like these where you have to make a choice, it makes it fun to tip. They used to do this at Kaladi in Soldotna Alaska too. I have suggested tip jars like these at "my" cafe. When I started the tip jar looked very plain and boring, I definitely spruced it up a bit. I have to take a pic and show you......

Of course I put my dollar into the jar that says Jack would had survived. DUH!
If you have seen Titanic, you KNOW that Jack would had survived if him and Rose would had either shared the raft or took turns somehow. I would had never let my love drown. No way! But I am one of those people that would do anything for the person I love. Then there are those that don't know what love is and only have their own interests in mind. Some of those will regret that one day because true love is hard to find.
It is a grey and rainy day here today, I feel tired, restless and weird. I have some things that I want to get done today. Next on the list is to take Chhaya to the's not raining hard only drizzles.
This was me a few weeks ago, another rainy day and I was at work wearing my rain boots.

Well, I need to get going.


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Carla on :

A very cute post and great pics.

I agree with you about Rose and Jack.... or they could have both gotten on the raft and cuddled and shared body heat. ;-) ... or like you said, they could have taken turns on the raft if it wouldn't hold both of them without sinking.

I am looking forward to seeing your new and improved tip jar(s)

There is a espresso/coffee shop with a drive through lane which is on the way to where I work so I stop there several times a week... they know me there and when they see my car in the lineup they bring out my coffee so I don't have to wait any longer in line to get to the window..... I love that place. (I usually get an Americano with cream... or if I feel the need I get a "a latte, fat free, sugar free caramel") Then on my off days I meet a co-worker there and we chat about work and grade papers on comfy chairs and table inside where it is warm.

My students are taking a timed test so I am looking busy at my desk on my laptop..... LOL (me is bad)

Tatiana on :

YES! Huddled together on the raft or taken turns.....!
No way to let your love sink to the bottom like that and drown.
I am getting too worked up over Jack and Rose now.....LOL.

"Your" coffee shop sounds nice. Do you ever have caramel in your Americano?

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