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Twitter is lame

Tatiana thinks Twitter is kind of lame. Just to throw out a bunch of meaningless sentences randomly to the masses, like who cares?
That' why Tatiana doesn't write blogs every day, there needs to be some kind of substance in a blog, even if only a little.
So no,Tatiana doesn't tweet. It's lame. If you do - that's fine, Tatiana doesn't.

So what's new in your life lately? Here in Anchorage, it is still sunny, sunny is wonderful. Tatiana has been occupying herself with laundry the last few hours, she lets her laundry pile up before she reluctantly does it. Tatiana needs a boy maid in a skimpy outfit. Send your resume.
Earlier, Tatiana met up with Kennedy and Ireland for some avocado sandwiches at Middle Way Cafe, super yummy those sandwiches.
Later today Tatiana will do some errands and take Chhaya out.
Besides things like these, it' been work. A few trips down to Soldotna, one coming up.
Tatiana has found a new appreciation for Ford trucks, they are great, they are her new hobby.
More from Tatiana when she is having another moment of inspiration.


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Alvin on :

I'll make sure to send my resume right away! ;-)

LOVE Middle Way Cafe, their satwa(sp?) chai is awesome!

Homo-sapien on : got a glittery pink faery waiting for you in Vegas!!

Tatiana on :

A glittery pink faery waiting? Tatiana can't wait!

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