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Kate Moss and fashion

Tatiana looooooveeeees Kate Moss! She has such a gorgeous face. Exquisitely photogenic. Tatiana loves fashion, models and the catwalk. The art of photography. It is just something about it all that draws her in.
Like right now Tatiana is so lusting after the thigh high, incredibly sexy and just drop dead gorgeous Rodarte boots by Nicholas Kirkwood. These boots are so hot they should be illegal! Tatiana predict thigh high boots to be the big trend for fall.
Or some super sexy black leather leggings with zippers? Tatiana loves leggings.
Juicy hand bags! Bebe leather legwarmers! Free People harness suspender! So bad!
Tatiana could totally spend, spend, spend on fashion and Hello Kitty accessories.
Then there is the Tatiana that just wants to be walking around naked in flip flops. Well.......not naked, just kidding, but flip flops (preferably pink), cute jeans and a cute tank top. Tatiana thinks it is good to be versatile. There's a way to be in Alaska and a way to be at Monster Massive. It makes life interesting.

Check out the boots! Warning! Orgasm inducing!

And look at that face! XOXO to Kate from Tatiana.


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