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I am sitting at Illumilatte writing this before I go and spend the day doing errands. Right when I was getting out of the car to walk in here, sit down and have my latte a very skinny man carrying a torn plastic bag walked by. His pants were also torn and he had a bloody cut on his knee. He had a thin small blanket over his shoulders with only a t-shirt underneath and I got out of the car and ran up to him asking if I could buy him a coffee or a tea so he could warm up, perhaps something to eat as well? He looked at me and his eyes were yellow where it is supposed to be white. He said no, wanted whisky instead. I replied that I don't have whisky. Again, I said, "Are you sure that you don't want a coffee or tea to warm up"? He politely declined. I then asked if I could give him a blanket at least, I just happened to have one in my car (recently washed too) and he said yes to that. So I got the blanket out of my car and put it over his shoulders and he went on his way. I felt bad for him, I want to cry now (yes, I am sensitive). You never know where life will take you.
Some people do bad things and bad things happen to them as a result, others are assholes and glide through life with no care for anything besides themselves, sometimes good people fall on hard times and sadness and have no support and end up in a bad situation. I often fantasize about winning a lot of money, I would spend it helping animals, children and adults in real need. I would make sure my family and friends would be taken care of and get myself a home somewhere first but after that I would live to help the ones in need.
Last year for Thanksgiving I went to Molasky park in Vegas and another area where many homeless hang out to give away socks, gloves and toiletries. Although it felt good to help I was sad to see that there was a lot of food thrown on the ground, good food. I don't even throw away food and here there are people that supposedly are in need and they throw away food? That made me feel sad.
The man I gave the blanket to today was clearly in need. Some of the people I have seen in Molasky park (a place where many supposedly homeless and drug users hang out and sleep) seem to be doing pretty good. No worries about rent, bills and responsibilities just worries about how to score drugs.
I hope the man I gave the blanket to finds a warm place to rest today and gets some food to eat. There he is walking away...... :-(
And trust me, I am not "bragging" here about me doing something nice for a stranger.....I am very well aware of that there are many out there doing a lot, so much more than me.

Besides I need to get another blanket to have in my car and I want to get a blanket, a very soft furry one, for Chhaya's bed. She took one of the squekies out of her new toy last night. She is so cute when she does that. Her new nickname is Baby Armadillo. She has like 10 names besides Chhaya. "Kärt barn har många namn" is a Swedish proverb fitting for Chhaya and her many names.
Oh and she responds to all of them. She is smart.

I am going to wax my legs later. For a good wax you need to get nice and hairy.
So the wax grips well and rips out the hair with the root. I actually enjoy waxing, it only stings a little and I like that sting.
I am going to try a new wax, the Parissa wax and see how it holds up to the one I usually use, Sally Hansen.

And before I go here is some girlpower....... ;-) A very true statement indeed.

I remember when I let my armpit hair grow out a few years ago and I would be like....."LOOK, LOOK!!!" to everybody when I was on stage at work. It was great! I don't get that hairy though......I was hoping for some shockingly furry armpits but that didn't happen. Then I made a merkin for myself and stuffed it inside my panties. We had some good laughs at the club those nights..... :-D


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Carla on :

Tatiana: Very nice to hear about your benevolent activities regarding those in your area that are homeless. It is truly more blessed to give than to receive.

I have not started my yearly Christmas baking yet but soon my kitchen will be a bustle of activity making my annual "treat baskets" for friends, family and folks at the local seniors rest homes where a group of my friends go to sing Christmas Carols every year.
I usually make around 30 treat baskets and I always give them all away... however I do save the broken and burnt pieces for me to eat ....

As far as my personal hair removal, I have very fair skin and very blonde and very fine body hair so it is not big problem for me.... In the past I have used Parissa Wax, I liked it a lot, but for whatever reason I started using GiGi Microwave Formula Honee Wax... it is more readily available in my local stores, less expensive, and works great for my needs.

Regarding the Adele girlpower statement..... re: armpit hair, some years ago I was getting on a very crowded budget international flight... and a group of 20 something students and/or young people were lined up waiting to board and based on the awful smell of B.O. I don't imagine that any of them used underarm deodorant... !!! There was one gal in the line that was wearing a spaghetti strap tank top and when she raised her arm, her armpit hair was dark black, very thick and had to be at least 3 or 4 inches long. HMMMM.

Best wishes to you and Baby Armadillo,

Tatiana on :

BLEH......body odor is not OK unless you have no access to water/soap or live in poverty or are homeless for example.
I have even worked with girls in the clubs with B.O.
Absolutely DISGUSTING and no excuse for a dancer to smell bad.

The burnt and broken pieces are the best when baking!

You can make your own wax at home with lemon juice and sugar. It is called sugaring and our neighbor in Stockholm was from Turkey and she knew how to do that and came our a few times and waxed my Mom.
I had super fine hair on my thighs too until I made the BIG mistake to shave my thighs once and guess what......the hair grew back thicker and darker.
My advice is to think twice before shaving and (over) plucking.

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