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Look at this BEAUTIFUL American pitbull!
I am curious to see what the voter turnout will be in this election after this is all said and done, which is TODAY November 8! Over 60% voter turnout.....or less?
I am amazed that so many Americans don't vote.......complaining and talking shit comes easy but shlepping your ass to vote is a different story. Pathetic.
No matter who wins, because let's be realistic, the three other candidates on the ballot don't stand much of a chance, be grateful that you still have the right to vote! I think it is safe to say that a lot of people don't even KNOW that there are three other candidates on the ballot and an option for "None of These Candidates". America is a democracy (on paper at least) and people have the RIGHT to their opinion, whether you support Trump, Hillary or somebody else. I do not get offended whatsoever by people's political choices. Therefore I think it is highly amusing when some get so angry if you do not agree with them politically.
Really now.....calm down OK. Have an intelligent conversation and discuss instead of getting angry.
I get upset when the individual does something to harm another innocent person or animal. Stuff like that bothers me, that makes me angry. Blatant injustices upset me. I feel strongly about some issues. Mostly involving children, animals, the environment, ISIS and other terrorist organizations and painfully dumb people in society in general. You are voting for Hillary? OK.....good for you. You are voting for Trump? OK.....good for you. I would personally prefer Trump over Hillary and now you know that, I don't care if you don't agree or whatever else you think about me. Oh well. You have your opinion, I have mine.


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