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Narcissistic? You betcha!

Does Tatiana love looking at herself in the mirror? Oh yes! She loves pictures of herself (if they are good, she is picky with her pictures). She is sooooooo vain, totally narcissistic.
What else can be expected? Tatiana is a Perfect Polish Princess with some Super Sweet Swedish mixed in, a great combo. She is like that ice cream you get at Stone Cold Creamery - the ultimate mix.
Seriously though, Tatiana has good days and bad days. Sometimes she is on top and looks it and sometimes she is tired and looks it. Peoples compliments usually go in one ear and out the other, she has been hearing those since she was 14. What Tatiana notices is if the other person pays attention and puts in some effort. Action speaks louder than words, so true.
But yes, it's nice to get compliments but Tatiana doesn't get carried away by them. After all, she looks at herself all day long. It is very nice! YES!
Here are some Tatiana pics. You will like!
In one of them, Tatiana with a can of bear spray, the only thing that will keep the men off her. It's tough being Tatiana. And the others, self portraits from the dressing room at work.


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Thomas Brown on :

Well, don't we have a lot of attitude today.

Tatiana on :

Today? Actually Tatiana has lots of attitude every day......LOL!
A healthy dose of attitude mixed in with the appropriate amount of modesty, always.
Tatiana is just a "normal" girl.

Sam on :

A beautiful woman with beautiful skin in a bikini taking pictures of herself in the mirror. You can understand why I was reminded of this poem:


Vad skall hon heta, kvinnan där på stranden?
Hon som är offer för sin egen skönhet,
och för smickrets gyllene spindelväv.
Kanske Gudinnan av hyn.

När hon visat sig för sina tillbedjare
går hon hem till sitt altare spegeln,
för att tillbedja sig själv i hyvårdens tempel.

Genvägen tar hon över kyrkogården.
Dar kan hon i förbifarten spegla sig i helfigur
i blanka vårdar.

(Harry Martinson)

Harry is sometimes a bleak kind of guy, but I thought you might get a kick out of his poem. Pretend he was having a bad day when he read your blog.

Tatiana on :

Interesting poem. In Swedish. Thanx for finding this poem for Tatiana! XOXO

Tatianas loyal fan on :

Hi Tatiana. Love the blog, you are great. And you are very very beautiful. Many girls are pretty but you are drop dead gorgeous beautiful. Just wanted to make sure you know this.
A fan.

Homo(sapien) on :

Da-nang're giving me thoughts of the hetero sorts! Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!

Anonymous on :

Show us more!!!

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