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Tatiana thinks this blog needs more stuff about Chhaya..........Tatiana's best friend.
Chhaya is four, she was born in Las Vegas in a Mexican family. Her first name was Bala, which means bullet. Tatiana thought about it and renamed the puppy Chhaya. When Tatiana got Chhaya she was 11 lbs, she is about 72 lbs now.
Chhaya's best friend lives in Las Vegas, her name is Honey and she is a Rottweiler. She lives with Tatiana's friend Angelica, another Polish Princess.
Chhaya is well traveled, she has been to California several times, she loves running around on the beach in Malibu. She has also been to New Mexico, Denver and she came all the way up to Alaska with Tatiana. She spent her first birthday in Solvang California, the Scandinavian village.
Since Tatiana loves Chhaya so much she has given her many names........Chhaya knows all of them. Because she is very intelligent. Tatiana can't really explain the reason and meaning for all these names, they just fit. Here are some......Stingy, Kroiki, Gina, Gini, Ginelet, Bundini, Kai Kai, Nakaina, The Mama, Mamelette, Knuda. And Chhaya is also a Food Crawler........meaning she will sneak up on you when you eat and stare you down until you give her some food. Her Food Crawler name is Kajuk Nilchina, there are native Alaskan legends about this Food Crawler.
When Tatiana means serious business with Chhaya she will speak to her in Polish. But Chhaya is usually very well behaved. Her favorite games are tug (she is super strong) and she also loves playing search.
Chhaya is a super good cuddler and gives lots of kisses. And she smells really good. She is very protective of Tatiana, she is a pitbull after all.
You might think Tatiana is crazy to love this dog so much and yes, Tatiana is crazy - totally insane, that's why YOU love Tatiana so much. But really, this is no crazier than when people show off their boring baby pics and go on and on about their special children. At least Chhaya doesn't whine or cry.


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