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So it's August already. Time seems to go faster and faster, Tatiana thinks. And it's no fun. Tatiana doesn't want the Summer to be over. So far it has been a really good one, another sunny, warm and gorgeous day today.
Tatiana actually has mild anxiety that Summer is slowly wrapping up.......the nights are dark now and chilly, no more light, long Alaskan Summer nights.
But then Halloween is just around the corner, that's Tatianas favorite time of the year, she loves the decorations and the haunted houses she can visit. And MOST OF's MONSTER MASSIVE time! Time to dance all night long to dark, pumping, evil sounding, body shaking house beats in LA. Nothing is better! Seriously.
Then it's Christmas and New Years. Christmas is ok. Then December 27, Tatiana birthday, she wants to have an Alice In Wonderland/Madhatter tea party this year. New Years, kind of bitter sweet......a new year.......a year gone, it's kind of sad. But New Years means Together As One, another fantastic party that Tatiana will be at.

Tonight Tatiana has cleaned her place a little, cleaning is kind of therapeutic. All of these feelings and thoughts make her feel a little sad. Tatiana misses her friends in Vegas. In LA and in Sweden. : (
It's no fun to miss people. Tatianas Mom is in Stockholm, Sweden and her little brother in Tokyo, Japan.


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Mr.B on :

So Melancholy the cooling of Fall. Summer wanes so we do not burn out. Make plans to see those friends. Or send them each one bubble wrapped cookie! Its time to start making snowshoes for Chaya!

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