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Hand Tram

Tuesday is Tatianas day off. Chhaya needed some fun so Tatiana decided to go to Moose Flats past Girdwood. There's a lake there where Tatiana went swimming a few weeks ago. The weather wasn't sunny today and it was cold out by the lake, Chhaya went swimming for sticks while Tatiana stayed dry. Then Tatiana remembered that she heard about a Hand Tram somewhere in Girdwood. And yes, there really is one. First you need to drive to the trail head and hike for about 1.3 miles through some seriously enchanted forest. Green, mossy, large trees, so nice.
And then you get to the Hand Tram. It's basically a small tram that you get into and then you pull yourself across the river. Chhaya wasn't as enthusiastic as Tatiana to participate in this but she got into the tram. Tatiana made some progress and then she felt like she was going to faint. Tatiana is scared of heights and this tram is way high up in the air, dangling, attached to some ropes. So Tatiana pulled the tram back to safety. Scary! But really cool. This is a great hike and a fun thing to do if you want to experience sitting in a little tram high up in the air. Tatiana will go back here and next time she might actually be brave enough to cross over.


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I do need..... and I love your pitbull....! ;*)

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